Chiller Optimized Program



1.Energy-saving effective:Could be implemented in most constant water volume (CWV) system easily
2.Installed elasticity:Installing the inverter and programmable hardware and software facilities can be used
3.Efficiency benefits significantly:Instant system performance feedback
4.Optimization for saving power
(4.1)- operation quantity of chillers
(4.2)- supply temp. of chilled water
(4.3)- leaving temp. of cooling tower
(4.4)- flow rate of chilled & cooling water
Optimize the chiller water system according to customer demand
Building with a central chilled water system
?Consumer market:
Commercial office building / Hotel / Department store / Public indoor space
?Manufacturing industry:
Semiconductor / optical electronic / IC packaging and testing / Traditional industry
?Sterilization environment:
Pharmaceutical / factory / Biotech industry
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