High-absorption Clean Washer

Remove airborne molecular contaminants Effectively


Remove airborne molecular contaminants Effectively (Mainly MA & MB), reduce process hazard
Concentration of MA & MB is under 700ppb
Removal efficiency can be up to 90%
Over 90% energy saving, compare with spray type washer
Reduce pressure loss of air washer system , saving rate of fan electricity can be up to 10%
Improve air quality, and effective antimicrobial
Pressure Drop:40 Pa @V=2.5 m/s for D=150 mm
Dimension for one piece:L =250、500mm / W=250、500mm / D =100、150、200、250、300 mm
AMCs will affect the process and requirements of environmental air quality
?Consumer market : Commercial office building / Hotel Department store / Public indoor space
?Manufacturing industry : Semiconductor / Optical electronic IC / packaging testing /Traditional industry
?Sterilization environment : Pharmaceutical / factory / Biotech industry
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