Solvent Recycle Unit

Solvent Recycle Unit


Coater VCD exhausted solvent, be recycled by heat exchanger and stored in tank, is purified and sprayed on the spray head for cleaning over.
Recycle the organic air and extract the resist
Lower usage of new resist and solvent
Favorable system design for piping
Recycling rate of solvent over 60%
Warranty: 1 year (Damages not caused by misuse or vandalism)
Up time > 99%
PCW Water temp.Input:12-20℃
PCW Flow50-60 LPM
Power Consuption1ψ/220V/60H
Electric Current2.8A
Drain Port1/2"
Consumable Parts(RMB/Year)40,000
SRU System SpecificationSpecification
Noise70 dB(A)
Air Flow5 CMM
Units of Pressure/ Pascal (Pa)750Pa
Recycling Capability﹥50%
Filter Pitch0.5um
Molecular Sieve8*12 mesh
Safety ControlSolvent Tank Pressure Inspection and Protection Liquid Leak Detection Operation and Fault Display/Alarm
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